Tips Ideal Website for Online Business

We all want profits from our best investments, which vary on different aspects. With giant corporates don’t have any problem with profits considering they have the best idea on how to make their companies keep ruling even in time of crisis. The appearance of company on the Internet top pages gives them the advantage to reach potential clients. Nonetheless, other smaller business owner and individuals have to establish websites as business tools for investment and very effective means of gathering profits.

Although there are lots of thing that are reasonable for gathering a better profit with regards to online business. On the other hand there are few unreasonable things followed by web experts with a wonderful graphic design. If you want a good impression to your client then you need to design your website with remarkable layout. For your information, whenever a website looks very appealing, online visitors will choose to visit your website over and over again especially when your website really provide the best services.

If you’re a business owner you need to tell your webmasters what kind of people you are going to target using the website and then begin develop a graphic design which will give people interest and comfort. For instance, when you are targeting people about accessory like jewels, make your website graphic filled with best jewels that are captivating to the viewers. Don’t forget also about the theme colors along with great fonts which give people basic information on what you are selling and what are your client’s expectation from your business online.

Website should be very friendly and very handy for website visitors. It is also ideal for your website that all links like buy here, download here and click here whenever clients click them make sure it works well. If your links has any problem with your clients this will shows negative impression to your online visitors. So updating your website and its uses can be your advantage of having a good sale and in return a good profit will be flowing in your pockets.

The good news about an ideal website is that you can make this more appealing to your online visitors. Websites are far more superior compared to television, and ads, this is because people are no longer interested in traditional ways but they are tempted to visit the Internet to get something out of it. And there are things we can get benefit from the Internet especially when you want good profit from your business online.

You should know as well that creating a good traffic for your website will give you the advantage or more profit. Hiring SEO experts or do some works for optimizing your products online will give you upper hand when you want your online presence very well known. Today take the advantage of the Internet and do business online using the power of Social Media, referrals, recommendation and SEO job and you can expect great things from your business online.

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Fractured Space Vs. Dreadnought

Fractured Space is objective based gameplay it’s about capturing modules keeping the enemy at bay making sure that you’re going to the right sectors at the right times, making sure that you’re using teamwork capture objectives because ultimately if you don’t use teamwork in this game then you are going to fail. Matches can last a varying amount of time now the sole objective of the game is of course to take and destroy the enemy’s home base. Now during that can prove a challenge depending on what kind of team you’re facing. If you’re facing a good team against a bad team then the match will probably take maybe 10 to 15 minutes. However, if you have two good teams facing into the both using teamwork communicating correctly going after each objective as the supposed two matches come take upwards of 20 to 30 minutes. The combat in the game however is a lot of fun i really enjoyed the combat is solid each ship plays differently each ship has different playstyles even though you have essentially a tuck defense and utility ships each one plays very differently. You won’t get to attack ships that will play the same you won’t get to defense ships that play the same. Each ship has various weaponry and utilities and things that you can do you got an entire hotbar abilities more so than the Dreadnought ships have. I really like all the abilities and all the different things you can do. The downside is is the slow pace nature of the game ship’s speed is very very slow everything is very very slow so one thing that I really liked about dreadnought was one of the smaller attack vessels where they were very speedy you could get around fast you could get out of trouble fast even the smaller attack vessels in his Fractured Space you’re not going to be able to do that if you get stuck in a job you’re pretty much guaranteed to die that being said however I have to say that I really did enjoy the combat. One great thing about it is that you have a crew now. The crew of your ship can be changed once you unlock new crew and essentially each crew will give you a certain both or deep of depending on what they do and this can increase your damage you can increase your defenses and not on that but in battle your crew will actually talk to you giving your status updates of your ship if your shields are down or if your whole armor is getting low they will inform you to get out of there and they talk to you through the entire match and it’s not important per se because everything of course is given back visually so you can always look out what your ship statistics are etc visually but it’s a nice little aesthetical choice that I for one really did enjoy.

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While the combat is really good the game modes are really good and there’s just a solid foundation there where Fractured Space fall short compared to that of something like dreadknot is in it ship customization and progression suddenly dreadnought does have this down to 80 dreadnought ship customization is a lot more in-depth infraction spaces in fractured space your cosmetic customization for example is simply change skins whereas in dreadnought you can change skins you could add emblems you can do all sorts of customization to your ship in terms of actual mechanical progression in terms of ship progression in terms of you know items and load outs and weaponry. Again dreadknought has much more options available than fraction space fractured space each ship essentially has maybe two to three different upgrades available depending on how you want to play that ship and how you want to specialize that ship but other than that you have no real options you have no options to change a laser cannon for missile bases you don’t have the option like you do in dreadnought instead you just have variants of that laser cannon infraction space which is some more of a disappointment because ultimately means that your favorite ship can only go so far. Nw again like dreadnought this is a free-to-play game which of course means that you have plenty of those money-grubbing transaction in there and suddenly this is one of those things where you don’t necessarily need to pay for anything but all of the i would say arguably good ships are going to need to be purchased now you can purchase them with in-game credits which is fine but it will take some grinding to do that or you can purchase them with premium currency which you have to pay real-world cash for. I certainly wouldn’t say fraction spaces microtransactions are exploited anyway I think they’re completely and totally optional however it’s one of those games and I I feel this from the very core is that it’s one of those games that it doesn’t need microtransactions in. You could have sold this for sixty dollars and people would have paid for it like there’s no reason why not because you can combine is great you have you know the game modes that degree and it’s very little mechanically wrong with this game. So you could have easily sold this at sixty dollars and people would have paid for it and give them all the ships all the customization options give them different progression in terms of how you progress your ship and your weapons etc and then leave it as that and people would still play your game because it’s a lot of fun and I just feel that you don’t really need those micro transactions in there because if I for one I’m not going to pay real money i’m not i’m not going to do it so I’m gonna have to grind it out I’m pay for those premium ships with a lot of in-game credits which is annoying.



Graphically the game looks really nice especially on higher settings if you turn it down to the lower settings the textures kind of get a bit funky and it doesn’t look that good but if you have a machine capable of playing the higher settings then I certainly recommend doing that. I don’t think it has the overall polish and sheen of dreadought but I think if they work a little bit on the polish in the optimization it should run really well I’ve myself on high settings got a solid 60 frames-per-second without an issue. Overall I feel about fractions space is a fantastic game and it’s well worth a look well worth picking up for free-to-play game i’m giving it a try think if you’re interested in dreadknot fraction space is easily going to say to you until dreadknot comes out i personally feel the fractions base those things in some areas much much better than read more in terms of overall team base play. I like the fact that its objective based rather than just shoot your enemy down based I thought that the map design was much better the more elements infused in the core mechanics of the game work really well under a lot of fun and I think that it’s just something that is well worth trying if you’re interested in 5v5 tactical spaceballs. Then by all means go pick fractions base up because it’s well worth it and it doesn’t matter if you’re going to spend real world cash or not there’s something for everyone and you never feel like you’re at a disadvantage you get enough ships at the very start of the game for free that you’re able to enjoy the game regardless of your financial situation.


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Tamper-Resistant Seal – Is It Really Safe

So virtually every pill bottle in here has a tamper-resistant seal what do you think that is no. No just people tamper with medicine but who would do that. It was one weirdo 1982 seven people were killed from cyanide placed inside a tylenol bottles we don’t know who did it. We don’t know why they did it but let’s make me educated guess that it was a crazy person.
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There are also a few copycats which that’s kind of a weird phrase isn’t it come to think of it like who’s ever seen a cat copy. Yeah it is and that’s why the world went nuts over this story which left Tylenol with a bit of a PR problem. What they did they’d yank a low off the shelves and a few months later introduced the world of the first tamper-resistant seal. The public was reassured tylenol sales completely rebounded and every other medicine soon did the same but the tamper-resistant. seal is just more security theater.


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It may make you feel safer but it doesn’t actually protect you for murderers think about it if a real whackadoo really wanted to hurt you, you think a little piece of plastic is going to stop them. Luckily serial killers are rare you don’t really need to worry about anybody them but while we were focused on one fluke incident we ignored the hard truth that a hundred and fifty people die every year from what’s in these bottles. For years tylenol was advertised as if you’re one of the safest drugs on the market. Tylenol has an incredibly narrow safety margin, the company so that this is a safe daily dose of tylenol but the FDA says that this is a dangerous daily dose.

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You really shouldn’t acetaminophen the active ingredient in Tylenol is the number one cause of acute liver failure in America. In one year alone it sent as many as 70,000 people to the hospital. How is that legal, a lot of doctors don’t think it should be the medical journal said that if the drug were discovered today it would never be freely available without a prescription. Well I’m sure the FDA is on it yeah 30 years late that quote was from 1975 but the FDA didn’t even require them to put a warning label on the bottle until 2009 and even that wasn’t enough is Dr. Sidney Wolfe a physician and co-founder of public citizens health research group. No only the leading cause of acute liver failure but it exceeds all their causes combined. I served on FDA advisory committee that voter overwhelmingly to lower the maximum non-prescription dose of acetaminophen but for the past six years the FDA leadership has effectively ignore our important recommendation. The FDA has essentially failed protect people from preventable liver toxicity. Look the point is sometimes we over react to a small problem while ignoring the bigger one. that’s the problem with security.

Most Unusual PRISONS In the World

Spending time behind bars is supposed to be punishment for the crime someone has committed. Some prisons take that punishment too far, while others have us raising our eyebrows. Believe it or not there are some pretty strange prisons out there.


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San Pedro Prison
In La Paz Bolivia lies San Pedro Prison, the largest, most well-known correctional facility in the region. Unlike most prison San Pedro inmates have jobs within the prison walls, often live with their families and rent or own their cells. Cells can be the traditional shared cement room, or more luxurious rooms complete with full kitchens and private bathrooms, provided they can pay. Cell prices can range upwards of nearly 2,000 Bolivianos. They also must be bought or rented from other inmates as they are not assigned by prison officials. The prison also has food stands, game stations, hairdressers, and even a hotel.


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Kresty Prison
Located in St. Petersburg Russia, Kresty Prison consists of two cross-shaped buildings with roughly 960 cells meant to house 1,150 inmates. Kresty became seriously overcrowded holding more than 12,500 inmates at one point. Inmates confined to what was once solitary confinement cells, were packed in like sardines, 20 at a time, so that they had to take turns sleeping on the three-level bunk or floor. In 2006, Vladimir Putin announced a new facility, Krusty 2, which will be completed in 2016. It will contain heated floors, a concert hall, and even a museum.
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Fortezza Medicea Prison
The Fortezza Medicea restaurant is one of the finest in Volterra, Italy. But it’s also contained within a high-security prison. In fact, many of the hundred and fifty inmates housed in the prison are serving out life sentences for murder and other heinous crimes. It was in 2006 when the prison administrators decided to open a restaurant within the prison as a former rehabilitation for those that wish to learn the craft of Italian fine dining. The idea gained international interest especially considering all the meals will be prepared and served by the criminals. In order to dine there, patrons must pass a background check and several checkpoints. Despite this inconvenience, people booked weeks or months in advance for the chance to dine here.


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San Antonio Prison
In Porlamar, Venezuela, San Antonio prison looks like any other Penitentiary. At least until you pass through the gates. More than 2,000 inmates are held in San Antonio prison, mostly for drug trafficking offenses, but it’s hardly your typical prison. The smell of marijuana smoke is everywhere, visiting women in bikinis dance by the pool and club music blasts as inmates and guests place bets on cock fight. Inmates can have cellphones laptops and access to guns. Visitors may be searched on their way in but not on their way out. So they can be used to smuggle any number of things out of the prison. Basically San Antonio prison allow their inmates to do anything they want except leave.

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Cebu Prison
Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center is located in Cebu Philippines. It’s a maximum security prison designated to house 1,600 inmates and is managed by the Philippines Bureau of Corrections. Inmates are given an hour of exercise each day so in 2005, Byron Garcia, the security adviser to the Cebu government, decided to start a choreographed exercise routine involving dance. When their rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller was released in 2007, the inmates became online celebrities with more than 50 million views on YouTube. They are now known as the CPDRC dancing inmates and have performed for several public events. There has also been a documentary made about the prison dancers in 2013.

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Justizzentrum Leoben Prison
When we think of a maximum security prison, we think of cement cells, steel bars and armed guards roaming the corridors. At Juztizzentrum Leoben Prison in Austria, they have decided on a concept of maximum security outside, maximum freedom inside. Sometimes referred to as a five-star prison, the spacious cells, open floor plan and beautiful courtyards are described as being fancier than most people’s homes. the prison currently houses 205 inmates that are allowed to wander the complex freely.


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Bastoy Island Prison
Located 46 miles south of Oslo, Norway, Bastoy Island is home to a minimum-security prison that houses 115 inmates. It was once a prison colony for young boys but has since become the first ecological and most self-sustaining prison in the world. As of 1982, inmates are housed in wooden cottages and work the land surrounding the prison. In their free time, they are allowed access to tennis courts, fishing, a sauna, horseback riding and cross-country skiing in the winter. Their meals are even provided by a chef with Bostoy  prison growing most of its own food in fields worked by the inmates. The prison also runs almost entirely on solar panels.

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Aranjuez Prison
In Spain, there is a prison that allows their inmates to live with their families during their sentences. Aranjuez prison feels that inmates should be allowed to bond with their young children in their first few years of life. Aside from living within prison grounds, the children lead normal lives, going to school each day, sharing well-lit rooms equipped with cribs and Disney characters and enjoying the prison’s playground. Children are permitted to live with their imprison parents until the age of seven.


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Halden Prison
In 2010, the maximum-security Halden prison in Norway became the second largest prison in the country. The prison prefers to focus on life outside of prison and allows its roughly 250 inmates access to music, sports, and interaction with unarmed staff to create a sense of community. While some considerate too liberal, there are different sections, depending on the crimes inmates have committed. Each cell has a private bathroom, flat-screen TV, new furniture, and no bars on the windows to allow for a clear view. Inmates also have access to an enormous library, athletic field, and even a recording studio to produce albums.


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Cereso Chetumal
Gor more than 10 years, Cereso Chetumal prison in Mexico has seen no violence within its walls. It is located two miles south of Chetumal and solves confrontations by encouraging inmates to Don boxing gloves and settle it in the ring. Inmates are also provided with an arts and crafts program as well as painting classes that allow them to create unique goods that they can sell to tourists. The prison houses nearly 1,100 inmates convicted of crimes such as robbery and selling drugs. Instead of being mistreated and punished for their crimes, the inmates are taught new skills and trades to allow them a better chance outside the prison walls. Their success rate is quite impressive considering very few offenders return once they are released.

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Things You Need To Learn That Are Not True

Napoleon wasn’t short he was 57 which at the time was taller than average the rumor that he was a teeny tiny man was just a piece of British War propaganda.

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It’s not true that humans only use ten percent of our brains no study has ever shown or even claimed that it’s just something people say for no reason.

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No matter what you’re drunk cousin Mark tells you there’s no such thing as cow tipping because cows sleep lying down.

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Touching baby birds doesn’t make their mothers reject them momma’s love their babies that’s right you could have saved that bird you saw when you were ten you let it die.

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George Washington didn’t have wooden teeth but actually were made of gold, lead, hippopotamus bones and donkey teeth.

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There is no medical reason to drink eight glasses of water a day.

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Stoners, undercover cops don’t have to tell you they’re cops just because you asked them. Cops are allowed to lie that’s not a thing.

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Vikings didn’t wear horns on their helmets and the Iron Maiden never existed it was a hoax that was made up in the 19th century.


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George Washington Carver didn’t invent peanut butter Thomas Crapper didn’t invent the toilet and Al Gore never claimed he invented the internet.


Albert Einstein didn’t fail high school math. The great wall of china is not visible from space yeah every astronaut looks and none of us have ever seen but hey why listen to us we’re only astronauts not to mention if you were ever thrown out of an airlock you wouldn’t explode in fact you can survive up to 30 seconds before you ran out of oxygen and lost consciousness.

So here’s a question if none of these things are true then why do we all believe them simple because they all tell good stories. It’s so comforting and fun to think that Albert Einstein sucked at math too. We’re that cops have to do what you say if you know the magic


Electoral College Make Your Votes Useless

Every four years, we hear the words “Electoral College” over and over again. But we never talk about what a ridiculous, and frankly undemocratic system it really is. The Electoral College gives vastly more power to different voters depending on what state they live in. If your state has less people, you have more power.


Not too may people live in Wyoming. But they have three electoral votes, or one for ever 135,000 voters. California is packed with people, but they have 55 electoral votes, or one for every 411,000 voters. And that’s totally out of proportion, because it means it takes three times as many Californians to earn one electoral vote, giving voters in Wyoming three times the power in the Electoral College. As a result of this system, your vote could count for less just because of where you live.


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Infographics rule, right? – Yeah, well, it does seem unfair, but who cares if the Electoral College is kooky? I’m kooky. I have two turtles. – Okay, well, it gets worse, because the Electoral College also creates swing states. Oh, I love the swing states. They make election so exciting. Kind of like when my turtles move a little. – What? Exciting? I think the fact that the entire election is determined by just a handful of states is really messed up. For one thing, it means presidential candidates can ignore almost the entire country.


Anyway, swing states have so much power, that in recent elections, up to 80% of all the votes cast in America had no impact on the outcome. That includes your vote here in California. Well, some states are red states, and some states are blue states. – Actually, most states are pretty purple. In 2012, over 3 million Texans voted Democrat.

And almost five million Californians voted Republican. If electoral votes were awarded proportionately, in 2012, 16 of Texas’s electoral votes would have gone to Obama, and 20 of California’s would have gone to Romney but in our winner-take-all system, anyone who wants to vote for their state’s losing party might as well just stay home.

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How about we all vote? – Wait, who are all these people? Oh, these are the electors. They’re the people who actually vote for President. – I thought the Electoral College was just a name?  Nope. When we vote, we’re actually just picking our state’s electors. Then, those electors get together and cast their ballots for President. Mostly retired politicians and party flacks. They have to vote for who we choose. Actually, in 24 states, they can vote for whoever they want. And that’s happened over 80 times. In 2004, an elector in Minnesota cast his vote for someone named John Ewards. Which was almost the name of John Kerry’s running mate That elector’s vote didn’t go to John Kerry.

It went to the guy running for Vice President. The Electoral College is such a bad system, people have been trying to abolish it for centuries, but so far, it’s been politically impossible. Okay. Well, thank you for the information. I cannot believe our beautiful system has become so messed up.



Awkward Moments from Politicians on Live TV

They lead our Nations, States, Provinces, and Cities. They create plans and policies that impact our lives. Yet, politicians remind us every so often that they too are just human. Followed by cameras wherever they go, the world’s politicians know they must be on their best behavior, but sometimes it can all go horribly wrong. From strange gestures to ill-thought-out remarks to straight-up unfortunate timing, these politicians caught the public’s eye for all the wrong reasons.

The Massage
Let’s be honest. We could make a nearly endless video of awkward moments involving just George W Bush. Today we’ll just pick one. At the 2006 G8 summit, cameras were rolling when US President Bush entered the room and came up behind German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Rather than say hello or shake her hand, Bush opted to go for the inappropriate shoulder rub. Merkel’s reaction and obvious discomfort pretty much sums up the situation. In any other workplace, this would be a ticket to the HR office but here, it’s just a very awkward moment.

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MC Rove
Even when it’s not the working hours, politicians should always make sure they do nothing to harm their image. Nobody told Karl Rove this. At 2007 Correspondents Dinner, the former senior adviser to George W Bush, decided to bust a move to some terrible rapping. As the train wreck unfolded, Rove bounce around in front of the guests pulling off all those awkward dance moves you’d expect to see from an old Washington politicians. As the crowd burst into uncontrollable laughter you get the feeling they are really laughing with Rove, as much as they are at him and his moves.

Boris the Destroyer
And you thought US politicians had a monopoly on awkward moment. The current Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Britain, Boris Johnson, has provided countless uncomfortable moments. One occurred in 2015 while visiting Japan. During a camera-op to promote the 2019 world cup of rugby, everyone watched in horror as the former London Yayor took things a bit too seriously and steam-rolled a ten-year-old on the field. Even better, he just got up and walked away after without really checking to see if his victim was ok.

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Slip and FAll
During election time, politicians love showing how they can hang out with the common people and act just like regular folk. It often comes off as scripted and robotic but sometimes, something really special happens. In 2000, while running for the GOP Presidential nomination, Gary Bauer pretty much threw any shot of the White House away. During the bisquick pancake presidential flip off, Bauer tried to show voters he was human by flipping and catching a pancake. It all went wrong when he backed up to catch the flapjack and fell right off the stage.



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That is Why it’s Called Live TV
A primary rule any politician should know, is if they are on live television. You see, live television has no takes and no do-overs. Scottish politician Angela Constance should have known this. During an interview on BBC One, Constance started to slip and stumble over her words. At one point she referred to the year as 20,012 instead of 2012. Flustered, she asked to restart only to be told it was all live. The look of surprise on her face says it all in the video very quickly went viral.

Dean’s Scream
If Howard Dean could change one thing in his past we think we know what it is. In 2004 during the Iowa Democratic caucuses, Dean gave a concession speech which pretty much ended any hope of his nomination for the presidency. Against growing crowd noise, he was forced to raise his voice and yell. For viewers at home, the crowd noise was largely filtered out making it seem like Dean was yelling and acting weird for no reason. Then as a cherry on top, he unleashed his infamous scream at the end which was mocked and parodied four years later.

Ford’s Close Up
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was a divisive and controversial figure during his time in office. Drug scandals and inappropriate behavior at City Hall made headlines. But one hilariously awkward moment caught by the cameras stood out above the rest. While leaving a meeting and being dogged by reporters, Ford tried to hurry along but didn’t take stock of his surroundings. As a result, the Mayor walked face-first into a camera. Like something out of a Chris Farley Movie, Forw unleashed a torrent of expletives, before being rushed away.

Classic Joe
If there’s one thing you can count on Joe Biden for, it’s that he doesn’t hold anything back, even if it means speaking without thinking things through. While still a vice presidential candidate, Biden produce one of those moments that left audiences cringing. During a campaign stop in Missouri, while introducing various VIPs, Biden mentioned senator Chuck Graham and invited him to stand up. There was just one massive problem Graham is a paraplegic who uses a wheelchair. The future VP quickly saw his mistake and tried to shift direction but the awkward moment had been caught forever by cameras.

Sleepy Bill
If there’s one certainty when it comes to Washington politics, it’s that Bill Clinton loves to nap anywhere, anytime. At funerals, baseball games, and even his wife’s own presidential convention. The former president has shown that anywhere is a good place. Sometimes, this can get especially awkward. Take for instance in 2008 during a service to honor the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Clinton was having his own dream right in front of the entire gathering on TV.


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Awkward Presser
The 2008 G8 summit was your usual affair. Well, except for the fact that France’s leader was drunk. During a session with the press, President Nicolas Sarkozy was shown to be acting rather strangely. Taking strange pauses, smiling weirdly, slurring his words and acting somewhat confused at moments. The whole thing was awkward. Sarkozy isn’t known to be a drinker and the president later said he was just out of breath because he was late. Well that would explain his huffing and puffing, it makes one wonder why he wouldn’t take at least a minute to get himself composed before greeting the press.

100 Million Times Faster Computer

Google purchased something called a quantum computer in 2013 two years later after extensive testing, at the end of 2015 they’re claiming that it works and is capable of using quantum physics to solve math much faster than a regular computer.  In fact a hundred million times faster and if everything they’re representing  is true  that’s great but it’s truly very hard to say as a legitimate understanding of  quantum computing is not mainstream at this point and I don’t know about you  but when I hear computer that’s a hundred million times faster than  current computers.

I think what can it do for gaming and today game race wants to explore what may be possible for gamers thanks to quantum computing.  So just start computers today mainstream personal computers supercomputers and really any kind of computer that you use today for the most powerful research-based laboratory computer down to that calculator. You use all work in binary that is ones and zeros on and off true and false, that’s it every complex operation runs off a very long series of yes or no questions that means everything in the simplest calculator program to the smoothest most optimized graphic intense triple-a gaming experiences.



When you send  instructions to the GPU the graphical processing unit  it handles everything that exact same way and quantum computing, doesn’t  quantum computing uses tiny bits of information called cubits which is  essentially a two-state quantum mechanical system that can be hard to  even comprehend. It’s on such a tiny scale that the human mind can’t really grasp it from a physical standpoint our understanding of it is basically limited to the abstract for instance it can mean the polarization of a single photon and a photon is smaller than an atom and an atom is something that you will never see even in a microscope because it’s tiny.

As I said our understanding of this has to basically be abstract anyway cubits can be both one and zero true and false at the same time in order to get information out of a cubit based system cubits have to be manipulated in a certain sequence. But generally give much faster and more accurate results for  instance if you’re using a traditional computer and therefore ones and zeros  true and false the computer would ask itself as the answer to something say if  ten was divisible by 5 by asking which numbers are divisible returning a true  or false answer.

One or zero quantum computing doesn’t have to check these things it doesn’t work by process of elimination finding out what things you can get a yes answer to quantum computing is much more nonlinear and because of that you can arrive at a conclusion much faster. Because it bypasses a lot of the  work but at the same time a bit is very predictable having on or off one or zero  is essentially saying it’s going to be one of these two things and nothing else  a cubit.


It arrives at the conclusion of yes or no if you finesse it a certain way but it does not behave that way a cubit can kind of be unpredictable and chaotic and to apply quantum computing to video games programming would have to work on a fundamentally different unit.  Because of the very base of modern computing is the bit and at the very  base of quantum computing is the cubit to compound that it’s very good at  solving certain kinds of problems  not all problems probably the most applicable to gaming is artificial  intelligence 50 years from now. Quantum computing could give us artificial intelligence that is marginally better than it is today what quantum is computing going to be able to be used to make the graphics two games better or make games faster bring down load times. Get rid of the uncanny valley really all of those things probably are not possible thanks to quantum computing and will continue to develop over time on their own. But likely staying within the realm of traditional computing quantum computing is going to enhance the logic of games as I said that could mean much better artificial intelligence but it could also mean much better physics could end up being significantly more complex and life like as the rigid nature of switches is removed in quantum computing. But it’s  not limited to physics and artificial intelligence admittedly I am NOT a  scientist and I do not know everything about this subject people who do are  generally saying that will probably never actually see a quantum computer.

Chips that contain components for quantum computing these chips will handle all of the operations that quantum computing can handle much better well everything the traditional handles better will be handled traditionally. I no obvious statement of  the year is obvious  I would be shocked of graphics cards for instance contained a quantum shift that  offloaded a lot of the AI or perhaps physics work to the quantum computing  chip and then left more visually oriented things like shaders to the  traditional computing of the GPU. Now this is indeed the scenario this would in fact enhance the graphical performance of games not necessarily because it builds upon the graphical capabilities of a computer but instead diverse more non graphical work on to a specialized chip designed specifically for that leaving the CPU and the GPU with more resources to do the typical magic that they do so bottom line. What can quantum computing do for gamers short answer nothing glamorous but lots of good things anything that makes it easier for the computer to do more work faster is obviously a big thing and the more things that they can figure out to offload to a quantum computing Jeff the more resources you have to work with on your main much more visible processes specifically talking about the graphics indirectly quantum computing.

It could be  the thing that makes it possible to finally get over the uncanny valley  by ensuring as many systems as possible that aren’t one hundred percent  graphically related or not being handled by any process or hardware that has to  do with graphics. And while that may not be an explosion sometimes the most important stuff isn’t the flashiest and I think when developers and hardware makers finally figure this out we are going to be shocked with the results you excited for the possibilities of what quantum computing could bring game and did this help you understand it at all better to be entirely truthful this isn’t meant as a deep exploration of it but as a basic primer.

5 Best Gaming Mouse

I’m here to give you guys a product review of the right 7 gaming  mouse pad mad cats in this review I’ll be going over the design hardware  performance taking a quick look at the actual program. And I’ll be giving you guys my final verdict so let’s go ahead and start with the design aspect as you can tell the rat 7 gaming mouse has a unique design to it. Which is quite different than any ordinary Mouse that I’ve seen thus far which is pretty cool because it’s unique in its own separate ways that kind of looks like someone took a bunch of pieces of plastic a little bit of work in metal shop?
And then kind of combine the two to make its own creation and this you have a rat 7 mouse which is a pretty cool-looking design overall because it’s different from any other mouse that I’ve seen out in the market.  I mean to kind of do a little comparison steel series mouse as you can see these  are two different looks  two different designs but I like the look and appeal of the rat 7 because  it’s unique it’s different and it catches my attention now. Next I want to go over is the hardware in terms of the programming features and what you’re able to do because this is a fully customizable mouse.

Now for programming features this features up to 18 programmable buttons which I’ll go over those right now you have to right and left click. You also have the mouse will up down and click  you also have a mode setting you have mode 1 which is red loaded to which is  blue and mode 3 which is pink so you can program each of those buttons and each  of those different modes.  You also have what’s called a precision shot down here which will lower the DPI  setting or you could program that for a different button for example when a play  battlefield 4. I like to have this one to go to my pistol as quickly as possible right now runs out of ammunition for my main weapon you also have the two clickable buttons.


On the side and of course you have the side and glass will your left and your  right  you also have a setting right which is the DPI settings so every time you  press the DPI setting up it will increase the DPI or pressing down or  decrease the DPI. Which you have a light indication with up to four bars indicating of the DPI is high or low and as I stated this is a fully customized book mouse which you can customize it any few different ways. For example right now here’s what I have it set to as you can see I have this sled for my pinky rest, I have this extended out here instead of in and I’ll show you guys how to do that but first let’s take a quick look at the accessories this includes you do have three different changeable palm rests and three different changeable pinky rests.

Which I’ll bring out right now so  here is a pinky rest which features a grip  here’s another one which is exactly like that but without the grip  then from the palm rest you kind of have a flat which is kind of like the grip  one except without the grip. So if you just prefer you know having less intact on your palm you can use something like that or if you want something that has more added to your palm.
You have one that’s more two more  raised up for bigger hands so whether or not you if you have small hands medium  hands are a large hands this mouse is easy able to customize to fit your  proper needs. I have small hands so if it’s me quite well down here you have a  the palm rest which you can extend out  so whatever fits your personal needs  which is really nice because like I said you can customize it to where you feel  comfortable with  or you can completely remove it and change it out for something different.

So maybe I want to use the one that has a higher palm rest to it, I just used the wrong one this is the one with a higher palm rest so maybe I want one with a higher palm rest so you do have many options for that also to right here for the arrest. You get have it out like I have right now or you could push this back in by using a unique tool which is attached, you take this tool you place it right there in that one screw now you can change it so maybe I want this to be more in tighten it back up boom you’re ready to go now. It kind of looks like more of a standard Mouse in this case which is great of course another nice feature is that if you take the tool and place it in this slot right here. You could extend this to go forward or back for me, I have  it to where I needed to be, So I’m not going to demonstrate that as you can see  when I have my hand on the mouse  I could easily reached the precision shot and the buttons off to the side.  You’re also able to change the pinky rest which you take your tool you just unscrew this just note that the tools a little bit hard to grip. Because there’s not much to it which kind of take your time just does turn after turn.

Choose which one you want to use, so maybe I’m now using a bigger palm maybe I want the grip pinky rest place that in the slot takes the screw, place it back in and then tighten. Now it looks like a normal Mouse rather than different so all kinds of unique features which is great for the product not only that this also features a weight system on the back. Where you have five different weights so you can easily unscrew this right here and you can change out the weights to whether you want all the weights in or just a certain amount. So whatever fits your personal needs you can do that so pretty easy overall it’s like I said highly customizable not only programmable but so you can have it to your own personal liking which is a three featured with this product now the next thing I want to go ahead and quickly go over with you guys is the overall program. All right now we’re going to go ahead and take a look at the actual software and how to program the different keys on the mouse but first if you haven’t done so already you do need to visit the mascots official website to download both the driver and the software next in order to customize your mouse and to activate game mode.



You just highlight over towards located over in the corner  right click it and go to profile editor then you’re going to get the madcatz  logo bringing you to the actual program. Itself it is very easy to use and it’s not too complicated so on the very first page you have the product which gives you some basic information over on the setting is where you get set your DPI setting. Will  as you can see when I press up the DPI settings will increase and I could  easily manually change where I want it to be so we’re at it  whatever it is I will come to what I can change.

Whatever it is that  you prefer go up again  it’s going to go to the max which is 6400 I go to the lowest  for the lowest is 25 as you can see my mouse wheel is going pretty slow go  upsetting  I’m going a bit faster. Go up one another one mouse is going pretty quickly again but once I get max just the slight movement of my mouse goes crazy all over the spring. Where you have what’s called the precision aim if you choose to use this now the maximum you go and when you click the DPI shows how quick the mouse is going to move in terms of DPI sayings so now that I’m pressing the DPI as you can see my mouse is going pretty slow. Why do you have this issue it’s not doing it now but every so often it happened to move my mouse to the left sometimes my own. Like it will kind of jump but that’s like random of course the lower you have it the best of the DPI is going to be when you press that so obviously precision name. You want to lower the pied that precise sniper  shot so pretty easy to do once you have the settings you want you push apply. Next is the programming here you guys set up different programming keys and of course you can easily turn the mouse wheel to get an idea of how to the mouse looks so pretty cool.  And here you get set up all the different programming features like I said you have a few different modes you have mode 1 which is read mode 2 which is blue and mode 3 which is pink now you can easily set up any video cam profile or you could download other users profiles as well for example I have different settings.

So I’m going to go ahead and open up 1 I’ll  say I’m in the mood for a battlefield 4 I’m going to go ahead and open that up. What kind of things do I have here while the precision shot will access my  pistol  the first button below what access my defibrillator since I like to place the  assault class next mowed down after that will either give ammo or help depending  on which class complain. As here I tend not to use these kids I just find that I just didn’t find any use for these at all and once you have your different settings you want to program it you can easily test the speed so as you can see pressing to win this case getting to my pistol is very quick and the different buttons. As well  very simple to do you need to do is go over and then go ahead and open up  another one just hover over and you can easily set it to whatever it is you want  pretty simple to do. Once you have it to your proper settings you click Save then  you also click the activation profile in this case activate profile which you  could easily double check down here. Now you can use this program or features if you don’t have the activation on you will not be able to use the programming features on the mouse you must make sure you press activate profile of course. Last but not least is the support work we need help and support you could easily go to these different settings it’s basically simple as that now let’s go ahead and get back to the performance now that we’ve gotten the chance to check out some of the programming features and the software. How does it perform overall and I got to say the performance of this message is  fantastic  I mean the fact that you could easily change the DPI settings whether if you  want more or less on the fly is a nice feature especially during the intensive  battles during your game. If you need the extra boost or less depending on what your situation is the fact that you have all kinds of unique features on the mouse such as the precision name to lower the DPI during your snack. Your knees or easily able to program it to something else easily able to access the buttons off to the side just overall the performance of this message was fantastic.

I did however find a increased performance based on the mouse I used previously which was the still serious Diablo 3 edition now this mouse is something that’s meant for someone who has big hands so you know me and I tended to get uncomfortable with this one but ever since I switched to one that was a bit more smaller kind of that fit my needs and I was able to adjust to my hand specifically I found an increased performance by eighty five percent. Which is great  you know because now I’m able to enjoy my games comfortably and enjoy the  different features overall  now what do I like and what do I math like about the product so far based on  my use. There’s not one thing I can think of that I could dislike about it to be honest I mean if there were to add something maybe it’d be cool to kind of had some type of palm rest or you may be customized one get like a custom print like maybe your logo or maybe you’re in a client you want your clan logo printed on it I think that would be a cool feature to add like me something onto their website.  It’s just an idea it’s not like a downside just you know upbeat your idea  what do I like I like all the programming features the mouse in terms  of build quality doesn’t feel cheaply made at all there’s some really nice  weight to it.

And I don’t see this mouse breaking down anytime soon the programming features the customization I’m interested a ton of things I like about this product there’s not one thing I dislike about this at all but overall in the end I’m going to give the rat 7 a full five out of five now just do keep in mind the smells does retail for the price of one hundred dollars. My recommendation is that this something that does interest you but you don’t see yourself spending the one hundred dollars try to look online and try to find themselves going for some places are selling it for about seventy five dollars or less if you get it for that price for less than I say go for it but overall Indian.

7 Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy


Smart phones are a brilliant invention. They function as our camera, our GPS, our flashlight and even as our entire computer. App developers to their best to make user interface as simple and intuitive as possible. But, sometimes it’s easier to manage things with a physical controller. Nimi and Boazie are the inventors of Pressy, a new way to control and automate your every day Smartphone actions. Pressy is a tiny physical button that connects to your headphone jack and sends unique signals to an intuitive app that can activate one of many commands. Here are some of the many things you can do with your Pressy. It can take instant photos and upload them to your favorite social network,turn on your LED light, send your location for emergencies, start a discreet tape recording, check in to your favorite social network and much more. Pressy is not just a one-trick pony, you can easily configure the Pressy app to execute different actions for different sequences of clicks. For example, two short clicks can call your mom, and two long clicks can call your dad. But what if you want to use your headphones? Just let Pressy rest in the special key chain and use the headphone button as Pressy. It even has an API so developers can bring you more cool features. This is where Nimi and Boazie ask for your help, Pressy needs your love. If 2,000 people support Pressy, and order one, Nimi and Boazie will be able to mass produce Pressy.




Without switching to a custom app just place your phone on top and press Print a few seconds later, you’ll have a beautiful Polaroid photo of your phone screen.  SnapJet is a slim, portable instant film printer for your Smartphone. It’s like a tiny photocopy machine you can bring anywhere. The best thing about SnapJet is it’s simplicity. All you need to do is put your phone on top, press one button, and you got a flawless photo. It doesn’t need any apps, wires, or Bluetooth to function. With SnapJet, the possibilities are endless. If you can see it, you can print it. Imagine a birthday card with a selfie that was taken 30 seconds ago, or what about printing a custom business card at your next meeting? SnapJet’s text is sharp and clear, never be caught with an outdated business card again and next time, instead of running a giant, expensive photo booth for your special occasion, why not use SnapJet instead? SnapJet prints on Fuji, Instax, or Polaroid 300 film and its innovative design can support any Smartphone. Snapjet’s inventor wanted something that pushed the limits of what’s possible with instant film. Like digital effects, fluorescent ink, a pocket video that doesn’t require a single battery, lenticular film, and transparencies that come to life with arduino and some simple LEDs. They are actually really excited to see what people make with SnapJet and where it’s used.



It’s no secret that mobile devices are becoming increasingly powerful and more useful every day. We live in incredible times, where Smartphones enable us to work, play, stay connected, and share experiences from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, most Smartphone batteries die before the end of the day. If you’re out and about, you’ll need a charging cable that travels with you. We’ve studied these challenges, and created a charging solution that’s compact enough to take on the go. Easy enough to share, and compatible with 90% of devices. This is LItewire, your key to secure, hassle-free charging for all lightning and micro USB devices. It’s the fastest, smallest, and safest dual-charging cable in the world. Litewire is designed to be the most compact, dual-charging cable on the market. It easily fits into the palm of your hand so you can attach it to your keys, drop it in your bag, or put it in your pocket and never have to worry about charging your devices again. Lightwire is universal, and combines the two most widely used connectors into one charging cable that’s easy to share with anyone, whether they use an iPhone or Android device. It’s the only charging cable you will ever need. When you need to use a public charging station, or someone else’s computer, Lightwire prevents accidental syncing and data exchange, protecting your data and personal information. Most of us don’t always have a lot of time to charge our devices, that’s why Lightwire is invented to charge our mobile devices at the speed of light, it’s up to twice as fast as regular cables, allowing us to top off our battery quickly during those times we’re away from the walk and it’s tough enough to withstand whatever comes along during our day. Lightwireis made unforgettable, it comes in five color selections so we’ll always have a charging cable that fits our style and the prices is constantly small , just $11.



Beam can turn any surface into a big smart screen, allowing you to do whatever you want. You can place Beam above your dining table and play some games with your buddies. Use it in the kitchen to help you cook that delicious recipe and the great thing is that it runs any app available. Beam is always on, and connected with the Internet. You can set it up to start any app you want the moment you need it. It can also wake you up smoothly in the morning with the news and the weather forecast. Beam, the smart projector light that fits in any light socket.



Zap Tip
Zap Tip a revolutionary tip connector that helps you charge all your devices with the ease of either a snap-on or a snap-off. Once you’ve inserted the Zap Tip connector into your device, you’re ready to charge at the simple snap on to one of the Zap Tip adapters. With Zap Tips you can charge everything mobile phones, tablets, power banks, portable speakers, cameras, and more. Once you finish charging your device, simply snap it off. The Zap Tip was designed to be sleek, and small so it won’t add any extra size or weight to your device. So small, in fact, that every detail of the Zap Tip had to be perfect, so it took months and months testing the Zap Tip to make sure you have the fastest and most convenient charging solution at your fingertips. Traveling just got easier with Zap Tips in its one size fits all connector. You no longer have to struggle with charging your phone when you only have one hand free. Leave Zap Tip connectors around your house and office when you need to charge your device, simply snap it on.



Kiitag 2
It happens to all of us. Your phone breathes it’s last breath, cutting off that important phone call or while navigating to that next meeting, dead. It’s a sore fact to life, until now. Presenting the Kiitag 2, your multi-functional, digital Swiss Army knife. Lets begin by getting that phone charged. Charging your phone on the go is as simple as plugging the Kiitag 2 right into your phone. Charging your Kiitag 2 using any USB port. While it’s charging, feel free to drop music, videos, photos and files on to your Kiitag 2. Now that your keys and phone are connected via Bluetooth, lost keys are found, with the in-phone Kiitag 2 finder. Can’t find your phone? With the touch of a button, the Kiitag 2 can make your phone sing. What makes the Kiitag 2 limitless is the two buttons that are customizable through our app on your phone. You can assign individual functions mapping to button A or Button B and each button can be clicked once for one function or twice for another. These functions include remote camera control, say good bye to stupid selfies. You can answer phone calls or make fake phone calls to get yourself out of awkward situations Yikes You can also share your current location, speed dial, check in on social media use voice recording, change phone modes record phone conversations we even added a flashlight. At home or on the go, smooth out your day with Kiitag 2.

Whatever happened to the days in mobile when companies were constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and design, putting out products that were sometimes even considered wacky. Technology experts needed to design a device that was not only an incredible phone, but also an amazing wearable. It was first started with a lot of different types of concepts and designs, and after a lot of iterations and testing and vetting, it seems like a kind of narrowed it down to two designs, which was a large and a small. Before you knew it, the Portal was born. It is guaranteed that it was not only water proof but also flexible, shatter-proof and wearable. The problem with the mobile market right now is that the phones are all the same and what little differentiation they have is that some are less user friendly, and some are less durable. Things like this still happen so portal is introduced to change that. With the vibrant Pilot’s clean typography and easy to understand icon set the Portal UI is an experience that cannot be missed. Why be stuck with the same old design when you got a new and refreshed interface to play with? An interface that has since arrived that knows what you want and works with you in a way that you want it to work. The Portal not only has all the features you would expect, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC, but also has a waterproof infused polyurethane body, a 6 inch flexible display wireless charging, an unlocked network, and so much more.

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