100 Million Times Faster Computer

Google purchased something called a quantum computer in 2013 two years later after extensive testing, at the end of 2015 they’re claiming that it works and is capable of using quantum physics to solve math much faster than a regular computer.  In fact a hundred million times faster and if everything they’re representing  is true  that’s great but it’s truly very hard to say as a legitimate understanding of  quantum computing is not mainstream at this point and I don’t know about you  but when I hear computer that’s a hundred million times faster than  current computers.

I think what can it do for gaming and today game race wants to explore what may be possible for gamers thanks to quantum computing.  So just start computers today mainstream personal computers supercomputers and really any kind of computer that you use today for the most powerful research-based laboratory computer down to that calculator. You use all work in binary that is ones and zeros on and off true and false, that’s it every complex operation runs off a very long series of yes or no questions that means everything in the simplest calculator program to the smoothest most optimized graphic intense triple-a gaming experiences.



When you send  instructions to the GPU the graphical processing unit  it handles everything that exact same way and quantum computing, doesn’t  quantum computing uses tiny bits of information called cubits which is  essentially a two-state quantum mechanical system that can be hard to  even comprehend. It’s on such a tiny scale that the human mind can’t really grasp it from a physical standpoint our understanding of it is basically limited to the abstract for instance it can mean the polarization of a single photon and a photon is smaller than an atom and an atom is something that you will never see even in a microscope because it’s tiny.

As I said our understanding of this has to basically be abstract anyway cubits can be both one and zero true and false at the same time in order to get information out of a cubit based system cubits have to be manipulated in a certain sequence. But generally give much faster and more accurate results for  instance if you’re using a traditional computer and therefore ones and zeros  true and false the computer would ask itself as the answer to something say if  ten was divisible by 5 by asking which numbers are divisible returning a true  or false answer.

One or zero quantum computing doesn’t have to check these things it doesn’t work by process of elimination finding out what things you can get a yes answer to quantum computing is much more nonlinear and because of that you can arrive at a conclusion much faster. Because it bypasses a lot of the  work but at the same time a bit is very predictable having on or off one or zero  is essentially saying it’s going to be one of these two things and nothing else  a cubit.


It arrives at the conclusion of yes or no if you finesse it a certain way but it does not behave that way a cubit can kind of be unpredictable and chaotic and to apply quantum computing to video games programming would have to work on a fundamentally different unit.  Because of the very base of modern computing is the bit and at the very  base of quantum computing is the cubit to compound that it’s very good at  solving certain kinds of problems  not all problems probably the most applicable to gaming is artificial  intelligence 50 years from now. Quantum computing could give us artificial intelligence that is marginally better than it is today what quantum is computing going to be able to be used to make the graphics two games better or make games faster bring down load times. Get rid of the uncanny valley really all of those things probably are not possible thanks to quantum computing and will continue to develop over time on their own. But likely staying within the realm of traditional computing quantum computing is going to enhance the logic of games as I said that could mean much better artificial intelligence but it could also mean much better physics could end up being significantly more complex and life like as the rigid nature of switches is removed in quantum computing. But it’s  not limited to physics and artificial intelligence admittedly I am NOT a  scientist and I do not know everything about this subject people who do are  generally saying that will probably never actually see a quantum computer.

Chips that contain components for quantum computing these chips will handle all of the operations that quantum computing can handle much better well everything the traditional handles better will be handled traditionally. I no obvious statement of  the year is obvious  I would be shocked of graphics cards for instance contained a quantum shift that  offloaded a lot of the AI or perhaps physics work to the quantum computing  chip and then left more visually oriented things like shaders to the  traditional computing of the GPU. Now this is indeed the scenario this would in fact enhance the graphical performance of games not necessarily because it builds upon the graphical capabilities of a computer but instead diverse more non graphical work on to a specialized chip designed specifically for that leaving the CPU and the GPU with more resources to do the typical magic that they do so bottom line. What can quantum computing do for gamers short answer nothing glamorous but lots of good things anything that makes it easier for the computer to do more work faster is obviously a big thing and the more things that they can figure out to offload to a quantum computing Jeff the more resources you have to work with on your main much more visible processes specifically talking about the graphics indirectly quantum computing.

It could be  the thing that makes it possible to finally get over the uncanny valley  by ensuring as many systems as possible that aren’t one hundred percent  graphically related or not being handled by any process or hardware that has to  do with graphics. And while that may not be an explosion sometimes the most important stuff isn’t the flashiest and I think when developers and hardware makers finally figure this out we are going to be shocked with the results you excited for the possibilities of what quantum computing could bring game and did this help you understand it at all better to be entirely truthful this isn’t meant as a deep exploration of it but as a basic primer.

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