Tamper-Resistant Seal – Is It Really Safe

So virtually every pill bottle in here has a tamper-resistant seal what do you think that is no. No just people tamper with medicine but who would do that. It was one weirdo 1982 seven people were killed from cyanide placed inside a tylenol bottles we don’t know who did it. We don’t know why they did it but let’s make me educated guess that it was a crazy person.
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There are also a few copycats which that’s kind of a weird phrase isn’t it come to think of it like who’s ever seen a cat copy. Yeah it is and that’s why the world went nuts over this story which left Tylenol with a bit of a PR problem. What they did they’d yank a low off the shelves and a few months later introduced the world of the first tamper-resistant seal. The public was reassured tylenol sales completely rebounded and every other medicine soon did the same but the tamper-resistant. seal is just more security theater.


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It may make you feel safer but it doesn’t actually protect you for murderers think about it if a real whackadoo really wanted to hurt you, you think a little piece of plastic is going to stop them. Luckily serial killers are rare you don’t really need to worry about anybody them but while we were focused on one fluke incident we ignored the hard truth that a hundred and fifty people die every year from what’s in these bottles. For years tylenol was advertised as if you’re one of the safest drugs on the market. Tylenol has an incredibly narrow safety margin, the company so that this is a safe daily dose of tylenol but the FDA says that this is a dangerous daily dose.

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You really shouldn’t acetaminophen the active ingredient in Tylenol is the number one cause of acute liver failure in America. In one year alone it sent as many as 70,000 people to the hospital. How is that legal, a lot of doctors don’t think it should be the medical journal said that if the drug were discovered today it would never be freely available without a prescription. Well I’m sure the FDA is on it yeah 30 years late that quote was from 1975 but the FDA didn’t even require them to put a warning label on the bottle until 2009 and even that wasn’t enough is Dr. Sidney Wolfe a physician and co-founder of public citizens health research group. No only the leading cause of acute liver failure but it exceeds all their causes combined. I served on FDA advisory committee that voter overwhelmingly to lower the maximum non-prescription dose of acetaminophen but for the past six years the FDA leadership has effectively ignore our important recommendation. The FDA has essentially failed protect people from preventable liver toxicity. Look the point is sometimes we over react to a small problem while ignoring the bigger one. that’s the problem with security.

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