Fractured Space Vs. Dreadnought

Fractured Space is objective based gameplay it’s about capturing modules keeping the enemy at bay making sure that you’re going to the right sectors at the right times, making sure that you’re using teamwork capture objectives because ultimately if you don’t use teamwork in this game then you are going to fail. Matches can last a varying amount of time now the sole objective of the game is of course to take and destroy the enemy’s home base. Now during that can prove a challenge depending on what kind of team you’re facing. If you’re facing a good team against a bad team then the match will probably take maybe 10 to 15 minutes. However, if you have two good teams facing into the both using teamwork communicating correctly going after each objective as the supposed two matches come take upwards of 20 to 30 minutes. The combat in the game however is a lot of fun i really enjoyed the combat is solid each ship plays differently each ship has different playstyles even though you have essentially a tuck defense and utility ships each one plays very differently. You won’t get to attack ships that will play the same you won’t get to defense ships that play the same. Each ship has various weaponry and utilities and things that you can do you got an entire hotbar abilities more so than the Dreadnought ships have. I really like all the abilities and all the different things you can do. The downside is is the slow pace nature of the game ship’s speed is very very slow everything is very very slow so one thing that I really liked about dreadnought was one of the smaller attack vessels where they were very speedy you could get around fast you could get out of trouble fast even the smaller attack vessels in his Fractured Space you’re not going to be able to do that if you get stuck in a job you’re pretty much guaranteed to die that being said however I have to say that I really did enjoy the combat. One great thing about it is that you have a crew now. The crew of your ship can be changed once you unlock new crew and essentially each crew will give you a certain both or deep of depending on what they do and this can increase your damage you can increase your defenses and not on that but in battle your crew will actually talk to you giving your status updates of your ship if your shields are down or if your whole armor is getting low they will inform you to get out of there and they talk to you through the entire match and it’s not important per se because everything of course is given back visually so you can always look out what your ship statistics are etc visually but it’s a nice little aesthetical choice that I for one really did enjoy.

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While the combat is really good the game modes are really good and there’s just a solid foundation there where Fractured Space fall short compared to that of something like dreadknot is in it ship customization and progression suddenly dreadnought does have this down to 80 dreadnought ship customization is a lot more in-depth infraction spaces in fractured space your cosmetic customization for example is simply change skins whereas in dreadnought you can change skins you could add emblems you can do all sorts of customization to your ship in terms of actual mechanical progression in terms of ship progression in terms of you know items and load outs and weaponry. Again dreadknought has much more options available than fraction space fractured space each ship essentially has maybe two to three different upgrades available depending on how you want to play that ship and how you want to specialize that ship but other than that you have no real options you have no options to change a laser cannon for missile bases you don’t have the option like you do in dreadnought instead you just have variants of that laser cannon infraction space which is some more of a disappointment because ultimately means that your favorite ship can only go so far. Nw again like dreadnought this is a free-to-play game which of course means that you have plenty of those money-grubbing transaction in there and suddenly this is one of those things where you don’t necessarily need to pay for anything but all of the i would say arguably good ships are going to need to be purchased now you can purchase them with in-game credits which is fine but it will take some grinding to do that or you can purchase them with premium currency which you have to pay real-world cash for. I certainly wouldn’t say fraction spaces microtransactions are exploited anyway I think they’re completely and totally optional however it’s one of those games and I I feel this from the very core is that it’s one of those games that it doesn’t need microtransactions in. You could have sold this for sixty dollars and people would have paid for it like there’s no reason why not because you can combine is great you have you know the game modes that degree and it’s very little mechanically wrong with this game. So you could have easily sold this at sixty dollars and people would have paid for it and give them all the ships all the customization options give them different progression in terms of how you progress your ship and your weapons etc and then leave it as that and people would still play your game because it’s a lot of fun and I just feel that you don’t really need those micro transactions in there because if I for one I’m not going to pay real money i’m not i’m not going to do it so I’m gonna have to grind it out I’m pay for those premium ships with a lot of in-game credits which is annoying.



Graphically the game looks really nice especially on higher settings if you turn it down to the lower settings the textures kind of get a bit funky and it doesn’t look that good but if you have a machine capable of playing the higher settings then I certainly recommend doing that. I don’t think it has the overall polish and sheen of dreadought but I think if they work a little bit on the polish in the optimization it should run really well I’ve myself on high settings got a solid 60 frames-per-second without an issue. Overall I feel about fractions space is a fantastic game and it’s well worth a look well worth picking up for free-to-play game i’m giving it a try think if you’re interested in dreadknot fraction space is easily going to say to you until dreadknot comes out i personally feel the fractions base those things in some areas much much better than read more in terms of overall team base play. I like the fact that its objective based rather than just shoot your enemy down based I thought that the map design was much better the more elements infused in the core mechanics of the game work really well under a lot of fun and I think that it’s just something that is well worth trying if you’re interested in 5v5 tactical spaceballs. Then by all means go pick fractions base up because it’s well worth it and it doesn’t matter if you’re going to spend real world cash or not there’s something for everyone and you never feel like you’re at a disadvantage you get enough ships at the very start of the game for free that you’re able to enjoy the game regardless of your financial situation.


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