7 Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy


Smart phones are a brilliant invention. They function as our camera, our GPS, our flashlight and even as our entire computer. App developers to their best to make user interface as simple and intuitive as possible. But, sometimes it’s easier to manage things with a physical controller. Nimi and Boazie are the inventors of Pressy, a new way to control and automate your every day Smartphone actions. Pressy is a tiny physical button that connects to your headphone jack and sends unique signals to an intuitive app that can activate one of many commands. Here are some of the many things you can do with your Pressy. It can take instant photos and upload them to your favorite social network,turn on your LED light, send your location for emergencies, start a discreet tape recording, check in to your favorite social network and much more. Pressy is not just a one-trick pony, you can easily configure the Pressy app to execute different actions for different sequences of clicks. For example, two short clicks can call your mom, and two long clicks can call your dad. But what if you want to use your headphones? Just let Pressy rest in the special key chain and use the headphone button as Pressy. It even has an API so developers can bring you more cool features. This is where Nimi and Boazie ask for your help, Pressy needs your love. If 2,000 people support Pressy, and order one, Nimi and Boazie will be able to mass produce Pressy.




Without switching to a custom app just place your phone on top and press Print a few seconds later, you’ll have a beautiful Polaroid photo of your phone screen.  SnapJet is a slim, portable instant film printer for your Smartphone. It’s like a tiny photocopy machine you can bring anywhere. The best thing about SnapJet is it’s simplicity. All you need to do is put your phone on top, press one button, and you got a flawless photo. It doesn’t need any apps, wires, or Bluetooth to function. With SnapJet, the possibilities are endless. If you can see it, you can print it. Imagine a birthday card with a selfie that was taken 30 seconds ago, or what about printing a custom business card at your next meeting? SnapJet’s text is sharp and clear, never be caught with an outdated business card again and next time, instead of running a giant, expensive photo booth for your special occasion, why not use SnapJet instead? SnapJet prints on Fuji, Instax, or Polaroid 300 film and its innovative design can support any Smartphone. Snapjet’s inventor wanted something that pushed the limits of what’s possible with instant film. Like digital effects, fluorescent ink, a pocket video that doesn’t require a single battery, lenticular film, and transparencies that come to life with arduino and some simple LEDs. They are actually really excited to see what people make with SnapJet and where it’s used.



It’s no secret that mobile devices are becoming increasingly powerful and more useful every day. We live in incredible times, where Smartphones enable us to work, play, stay connected, and share experiences from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, most Smartphone batteries die before the end of the day. If you’re out and about, you’ll need a charging cable that travels with you. We’ve studied these challenges, and created a charging solution that’s compact enough to take on the go. Easy enough to share, and compatible with 90% of devices. This is LItewire, your key to secure, hassle-free charging for all lightning and micro USB devices. It’s the fastest, smallest, and safest dual-charging cable in the world. Litewire is designed to be the most compact, dual-charging cable on the market. It easily fits into the palm of your hand so you can attach it to your keys, drop it in your bag, or put it in your pocket and never have to worry about charging your devices again. Lightwire is universal, and combines the two most widely used connectors into one charging cable that’s easy to share with anyone, whether they use an iPhone or Android device. It’s the only charging cable you will ever need. When you need to use a public charging station, or someone else’s computer, Lightwire prevents accidental syncing and data exchange, protecting your data and personal information. Most of us don’t always have a lot of time to charge our devices, that’s why Lightwire is invented to charge our mobile devices at the speed of light, it’s up to twice as fast as regular cables, allowing us to top off our battery quickly during those times we’re away from the walk and it’s tough enough to withstand whatever comes along during our day. Lightwireis made unforgettable, it comes in five color selections so we’ll always have a charging cable that fits our style and the prices is constantly small , just $11.



Beam can turn any surface into a big smart screen, allowing you to do whatever you want. You can place Beam above your dining table and play some games with your buddies. Use it in the kitchen to help you cook that delicious recipe and the great thing is that it runs any app available. Beam is always on, and connected with the Internet. You can set it up to start any app you want the moment you need it. It can also wake you up smoothly in the morning with the news and the weather forecast. Beam, the smart projector light that fits in any light socket.



Zap Tip
Zap Tip a revolutionary tip connector that helps you charge all your devices with the ease of either a snap-on or a snap-off. Once you’ve inserted the Zap Tip connector into your device, you’re ready to charge at the simple snap on to one of the Zap Tip adapters. With Zap Tips you can charge everything mobile phones, tablets, power banks, portable speakers, cameras, and more. Once you finish charging your device, simply snap it off. The Zap Tip was designed to be sleek, and small so it won’t add any extra size or weight to your device. So small, in fact, that every detail of the Zap Tip had to be perfect, so it took months and months testing the Zap Tip to make sure you have the fastest and most convenient charging solution at your fingertips. Traveling just got easier with Zap Tips in its one size fits all connector. You no longer have to struggle with charging your phone when you only have one hand free. Leave Zap Tip connectors around your house and office when you need to charge your device, simply snap it on.



Kiitag 2
It happens to all of us. Your phone breathes it’s last breath, cutting off that important phone call or while navigating to that next meeting, dead. It’s a sore fact to life, until now. Presenting the Kiitag 2, your multi-functional, digital Swiss Army knife. Lets begin by getting that phone charged. Charging your phone on the go is as simple as plugging the Kiitag 2 right into your phone. Charging your Kiitag 2 using any USB port. While it’s charging, feel free to drop music, videos, photos and files on to your Kiitag 2. Now that your keys and phone are connected via Bluetooth, lost keys are found, with the in-phone Kiitag 2 finder. Can’t find your phone? With the touch of a button, the Kiitag 2 can make your phone sing. What makes the Kiitag 2 limitless is the two buttons that are customizable through our app on your phone. You can assign individual functions mapping to button A or Button B and each button can be clicked once for one function or twice for another. These functions include remote camera control, say good bye to stupid selfies. You can answer phone calls or make fake phone calls to get yourself out of awkward situations Yikes You can also share your current location, speed dial, check in on social media use voice recording, change phone modes record phone conversations we even added a flashlight. At home or on the go, smooth out your day with Kiitag 2.

Whatever happened to the days in mobile when companies were constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and design, putting out products that were sometimes even considered wacky. Technology experts needed to design a device that was not only an incredible phone, but also an amazing wearable. It was first started with a lot of different types of concepts and designs, and after a lot of iterations and testing and vetting, it seems like a kind of narrowed it down to two designs, which was a large and a small. Before you knew it, the Portal was born. It is guaranteed that it was not only water proof but also flexible, shatter-proof and wearable. The problem with the mobile market right now is that the phones are all the same and what little differentiation they have is that some are less user friendly, and some are less durable. Things like this still happen so portal is introduced to change that. With the vibrant Pilot’s clean typography and easy to understand icon set the Portal UI is an experience that cannot be missed. Why be stuck with the same old design when you got a new and refreshed interface to play with? An interface that has since arrived that knows what you want and works with you in a way that you want it to work. The Portal not only has all the features you would expect, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC, but also has a waterproof infused polyurethane body, a 6 inch flexible display wireless charging, an unlocked network, and so much more.

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